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Joanne Cotton T-shirt with Jeans Overall Dress

RM 39.00
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Ready Stock.

Ship from Malaysia.

Size & Measurement:

1 Year  :

TOP: Bust: 46cm, Length: 33cm

Overall: Bust: 52cm, Length: 44cm

2 Year  :

TOP: Bust: 49cm, Length: 35cm

Overall: Bust: 55cm, Length: 46cm

3 Year :

TOP: Bust: 52cm, Length: 37cm

Overall: Bust: 57cmLength: 48cm

4 Year :

TOP: Bust: 54cm, Length: 38cm

Overall: Bust: 60cmLength: 51cm

Package Include: 1 x Tshirt+ Overall

P/s: Please choose one size bigger if your baby is chubby.

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